Defeat – sage words 98

By | 24th August 2019


How many times have you given up on something you’re closer to achieve, if you have read 3-feet to the gold stories, you wouldn’t have quit. Success takes both hard work, smart work, dedication and persistence, the crux is that you should always expect some kinda defeat so as to know that it’s part of the process. Don’t accept defeat, don’t make it real!

It’s not easy – sage words 97

By | 21st August 2019


Have you ever seen any successful person, entrepreneur etc with an easy past, the answer is definitely no. For someone to be successful in life, one has to be obstinate with his or her goals, be dedicated, have a strong desire, organized plan, negation of fear and indecision, omit procrastination, keep persistent and ready to fight and conquer any challenges or barrier on the road to land at the main destination. It’s never easy till you figure out the easy way!

Tips of the Day – 15

By | 20th August 2019


Buddha said the greatest human regret is that we think we have time. So we waste enough of our time on procrastinating, we leave the crux stuff for trivia stuff! Assuming $84,000 is deposited into our banks every day, we wouldn’t waste it so why are we wasting our time? Remember, wasted time can never be gotten back but wasted money can be gotten back.

Tips of the Day – 14

By | 19th August 2019


Oprah Winfery said “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” Iterating about what had happened in the past won’t change the future, you only have to pickup a new chapter and get started for good.

Your circle – sage words 16

By | 16th August 2019


They say, you’re the food you eat. You’re also the people you hang around with. Be sure to surround yourself with people who appreciate who you are, what you do, motivate you and keep you moving every moment. If you hang around with people who are pessimistic, before you know it your subconscious mind will develop that habit and will become your auto suggestion. Have a self-awareness, know who you are and your circles.

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Do what makes you happy – 15

By | 14th August 2019


There are some people who get paid highly in their jobs but still not happy with what they do, that shows lack of satisfaction and fulfillment. If you are not happy with what you do, the best advice is to quit and do what you love.

What will people say – Sage Words 95

By | 13th August 2019


There are four words that kill dreams and passion than failures do. These words are “What will people say” How many times have you stopped what you want to do because of someone or people? How many times have you avoided being mocked because you want to try something new? If you really want to be who you want to be, you have to stop caring about what will people say in as much, it’s your passion and dreams? Go for it!

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Changed Behaviour – Sage Words 93

By | 8th August 2019


Truly, it is hard to change but if we have a bad behavior that we know or people complain about, it’s better to make a change. Our subconscious mind acts due to how it’s been trained, if it has been trained or fed with bad behaviour, we can only change this through habituation of good behaviour. Remember it’s better to change for good.