By | 18th October 2019


The top three things that lead one to failure are indecision, doubt, and fear. Doubt and indecision are mostly related, they are routines of not getting to your ideas faster and change them slowly as you progress. Indecision is a child of procrastination, and it’s widely known that procrastination is a very bad habit. Procrastination is, I will do what I was supposed to last two years this year which will also be postponed to another year.

Fear is the state of the mind, though no one is completely fearless at least we should have the courage to try out new things. They say that the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear.

Tips of the day – 24

By | 16th October 2019


There are different connotations around the word success! A wise person said success is when you achieve your dreams and failure is when you don’t get what you want. I think that’s one of the best answers to success because when you succeed, your dream is achieved.

Building tons of houses does not mean success, rich is different from being wealthy just as broke is different from being poor. Success is when you get what you want without violating the rules of others and being happy with your doings.

Tips of the day – 23

By | 15th October 2019


I was sitting and meditating, and this word perfect just came straight into my mind and feel like sharing my thought and what I have read about being perfect. Is anyone perfect, I think the best answer to this is nothing is perfect but we are only close to perfection. I wonder why the heck the word perfect exist, ooh I remember for only the supreme being.

There is no perfect system, no perfect software, no perfect platform but they are always close to being perfect. Be happy and be admired because perfection is not real.

Passion – sage words 107

By | 14th October 2019


Welcome back to motivational tips after a short break. Today we will talk about passion. Are you working towards your passion? The wise said, “Do what you love and love what you do”.

Passion is what we love and do, and want to do more of it. When you have passion for something, you will do it and still wanting to do more. Even sometimes, if working on your passion doesn’t pay the bill. Squeeze time out of your schedule to work on it, remember life is meant to be enjoyed.

Don’t give up on your passion.

Human Minds – 2

By | 4th October 2019


If you have been following my blogs you will notice I made a post about Mind last week.

Here is the sequel of it. In the last post, it was mentioned that the mind has two parts, the subconscious or preconscious mind and conscious mind.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body but we have power over it, it works the way we train it. The psychologist said the conscious mind is not available to a child until six.

From age 0-6 are the programmable state of a child and the stage of enculturation. What we do to a child or tell a child at this stage will continue to play in the child’s subconscious mind and act upon it unnoticeable.

We should be careful how we treat a child and what we tell a child at this stage. That’s is why the wise adage said give me your child until 6 or 7 and I will tell you he/she is.

Hope it’s helpful 😉


By | 2nd October 2019


Are you still concerned about what people say about your doings? If yes, common,you don’t have to be, in as much that you can presume the end result in excellence. There is nothing to be done in order to avoid criticism! Struggle and criticism are prerequisites for greatness, that’s the law of this universe and no one escapes.

If you belong to a crew who doesn’t support you dream, crew that drains you, and weigh you down. Change your crew!

Tips of the day – 22

By | 1st October 2019


This statement was mentioned by Jay. And when I deeply think of it, I infer that it should be of the highest priority in what we do.

The question now is “What are you doing that you know it won’t last long?” This might take some mins of deep thought before you could come up with the right answers, surely, you have the whole enough time to analyze yourself but don’t take it too long. Whatever it may be, it’s better to quit it and start what you know it will last forever for you.

Success – sage words 106

By | 30th September 2019


Hi guys, it’s Monday again! Hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. What we will delve into in the series of sage words is Success.

Success is the end result of people’s efforts and restlessness. We are striving to succeed every now and then but there are major keys we should hold into our accounts, those core keys are persistence, perseverance, getting to decision faster, and the elimination of the fear of poverty and procrastination.

Research shows that most of the people in the world have a nice starting but poor ending because they give up on their goal when they experienced a challenge not knowing that it’s normal to fall and rise up again according to Jack Ma.

Remember there’s nothing like a smooth mountain, be Stubborn and obstinate with your goals until you succeed. We shall all succeed in all our endeavors 🙏

Self-reliant – sage words 105

By | 26th September 2019


Can we please people, I guess no and the answer remains no. A sage mine said, “people will go out of your life even though you give them even you give them everything, and people will remain in your life even though you give them nothing.”

No matter what you do for people, those who will leave you will leave you, always remember people come to our lives for reason, season and a lifetime. Those who remain in our lives are the roots but it’s hard to recognize such people simply because it’s hard to predict people’s action.

Do the best you can do and never rely on anyone.

Human Minds

By | 23rd September 2019


It’s Monday again!
I watched a video last week about minds by a philosophy Dr. Bruce. It was amazing to know how minds work.

Our minds have two parts, subconscious and conscious minds. Minds are like processer of PC/MObile. In the video and with the extra research I made, it was made known that the subconscious is a million powerful than the conscious mind because the subconscious mind can possess 40 Million bits of data per second while conscious mind can possess 40 bits of data per second. One is habitual and the other one is creative.

Have a great week start!