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Characters @ | included in title won’t share to Steem blockchain – SteemPress

By | 31st July 2018

Project Information Repository: Project Name: SteemPress Publisher (if applicable): Expected behavior Normally, post supposed to be shared to Steem Blockchain as far as you have SteemPress plugin installed . Actual behavior Title that includes these special chars @ , | , – characters will not share to Steem Blockchain but only the WordPress Blog.… Read More »

What is sincerity?

By | 30th July 2018

This is the act of being just, having and demonstrating with a clear mind, doing things exactly as they are. Sincerity means truth and honesty It takes you a long way… Honesty but don’t be a people’s person. Are you sincere to yourself. Relationship and marriage is a very good example. If you’ve not been… Read More »

To the top – poetry

By | 29th July 2018

Make me fly Fly so high Fly to the sky It may be at your own prime… Now I feel like a star A star in the skies I am heading really far So you can’t see me with your eyes My heart rate is pumping Pumping really hard Oh… Nobody can stop Try to… Read More »

How to check you Followers Stats on Steem

By | 28th July 2018

Good day Fellas! Do you want to check for your active followers, loyal followers, influential followers ?. It’s important to know the kind of and loyal followers following us. In building our followers we are building our future on Steem Here we go!!!=> The site that does all is steemspectacles Go to and input… Read More »

What is Life – Poetry with Rhymes

By | 24th July 2018

Life is like a biscuit It’s so soft and fragile Although it’s scattered like pieces But still hard and Life is a battle A battle where you don’t retreat No surrender and no help No mercy until you defeat If you can’t kill you get killed You get scattered and get spilled With no pity… Read More »

Windows Run Commands You Would Love To Know

By | 12th July 2018

Hello! Good day Fellas. Welcome again to today blog post, we will continue to explore around Windows operating system and we are going to further on Run commands. Last time we looked into the first section of this topic where I defined the run program and some commands that can be used with it. If you would… Read More »

Windows Run Commands

By | 10th July 2018

Hello! Good day Fellas. Welcome to today’s blog post, we will continue to explore around Windows operating system, we are going to look in some Run commands. Run is a Windows system software that takes in commands; used to open an application or document directory whose path is known. Commands 1. shell:sendto 2. shell:startup 3. . 4. .. 🍄 How to… Read More »

Windows Commands – Part 2

By | 8th July 2018

Good day, Steemian!. Last time we talked about Windows command where I explained what is Windows command and I listed some commands which you may be familiar with, click here for the post. In today’s post, I’m going to go further on Windows commands; Check Related Topics Here; How To Download Anything You Want From… Read More »