Characters @ | included in title won’t share to Steem blockchain – SteemPress

By | 31st July 2018

Project Information

  • Repository:
  • Project Name: SteemPress
  • Publisher (if applicable):

Expected behavior

Normally, post supposed to be shared to Steem Blockchain as far as you have SteemPress plugin installed .

Actual behavior

Title that includes these special chars @ , | , characters will not share to Steem Blockchain but only the WordPress Blog.

How to reproduce

  • Try to make a new post with your WordPress Blog
  • include any of this characters in the Title
  • check Publish to Steem from the right of your screen

  • Browser/App version: SteemPress 1.4.2
  • Operating system: Chrome Version 68.0.3440.75

Proof of Work Done

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