How to check you Followers Stats on Steem

By | 28th July 2018

Good day Fellas! Do you want to check for your active followers, loyal followers, influential followers ?. It’s important to know the kind of and loyal followers following us.
In building our followers we are building our future on Steem

Here we go!!!=>

The site that does all is steemspectacles

Go to and input your username in the username textbox or access your profile directly e.g

After you have accessed the url, you will be redirected to your Dashboard.
On your Dashboard, you will see Most Loyal Followers and Most Influential Followers

Most Loyal Followers
This is the list of your followers arranged by Total votes each has given you. From my screenshot you will see @adekunle578 is my most loyal followers because he has given me upvotes than anyone.

From this list you will see – usernames, – total upvotes you have recieved from the user, – comments; replies user has replied on your posts, – Interaction Frequency; the interaction(upvotes, comment, resteem) between between you and the user and – Total $ received; sum of total upvotes received in $.

Most Influential Followers
This is the list of your followers arranged by Total SP each of is holding.

From this list you will – usernames, – user’s SP; total SP the user is holding – Interaction frequency, – 100% upvote value, – Total upvote received in $ and – Last active

Up next we will discuss how to check for our inactive followers, dead followers with Steemspectacles..

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