What is Life – Poetry with Rhymes

By | 24th July 2018

Life is like a biscuit
It’s so soft and fragile
Although it’s scattered like pieces
But still hard and

Life is a battle
A battle where you don’t retreat
No surrender and no help
No mercy until you defeat

If you can’t kill you get killed
You get scattered and get spilled
With no pity you get pieced
Die like in your sixties

So you have to stand strong and fight
Struggle to the very end with might
It’s survival of the fittest, so don’t take it light
Your enemy can be anyone so never feel fright

Destroy the one who threatens you
Flare at the one who frown at you
Bury the one who give you a knock
And finish the rest of they want to talk

Because life pity not those who pity life
If you take life fair then you’ll be hurt like you get a cut from a knife
When life smiles at you get ready for battle
And when it frowns at you call for reinforcement and still get ready for battle..

Thinking you know life is the brilliancy of being dumb
The start of ignorance the real feeling of being numb
The faith of your downfall and reason you may crawl
Crawl back t your sense and see you know nothing for sure…

Keep seeking to know more about life…
Life is not a brother or a father, its never fair to you…
So be wise and still try to understand it even if you think you do… Enjoy your stay

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