What is sincerity?

By | 30th July 2018

This is the act of being just, having and demonstrating with a clear mind, doing things exactly as they are.

Sincerity means truth and honesty

It takes you a long way…
Honesty but don’t be a people’s person.

Are you sincere to yourself.

Relationship and marriage is a very good example.
If you’ve not been sincere with your fiance before you got married, I’m sure after marriage you’ll try to do.

But this thing is a spiritual thing. So many things can distract you from being the best out of yourself.

A man who is married to a beautiful lady and promises himself not to cheat on her, if he travels out for work(business), a lot of things will distract him… Money & ladies are like the major things that can possibly sway is mind away and get him do what he didnt plan to do.

You see life and sincerity is very complicated…

Just like a friend use to say…

Things are not exact the same way they seem…

Sincerity is a very strong spirit… It lives, but before you can find it sincerely it takes ages….

Life itself is insincere, so to cope you need to play along.

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