Windows Commands – Part 2

By | 8th July 2018

Good day, Steemian!. Last time we talked about Windows command where I explained what is Windows command and I listed some commands which you may be familiar with, click here for the post. In today’s post, I’m going to go further on Windows commands;

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  1. calc
  2. shutdown
  3. net user *
  4. cd


This is the command to open calculator software.


This is the command to shutdown/hibernate/sleep/restart the user PC.


This is the command to change directory i.e to change from one directory to the other e.g change from one folder to the other cd. or cd.. or cd Desktop etc.

net user account_name *

This is the command to change PC users account password without asking for the default; to run this command you have to have admin privilege and run the Command Prompt Software as Admin.

To use this command ;

on your command prompt input screen; run this command net user to get the account usernames listed

after that, run the given command net user account_name *

then you will be asked to enter your new password

Hurray!!! you just changed the account password without knowing the default password

To get help on specific command; enter the command with /? e.g shutdown /?
To Stop running command; press the Ctrl key with C


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