Windows Run Commands You Would Love To Know

By | 12th July 2018

Hello! Good day Fellas. Welcome again to today blog post, we will continue to explore around Windows operating system and we are going to further on Run commands.

Last time we looked into the first section of this topic where I defined the run program and some commands that can be used with it. If you would love to check it out; Here is the link click here.

  1. %appdata%
  2. %temp%
  3. taskmgr
  4. devmgmt.msc

How to use

Open Run software (start+r).
Type any of the commands you want into Run program text box and hit the Enter button.

✍ Commands Explanation;

👉 %appdata%

This command is used to open up Windows Appdata\Roaming directory.
Sometimes some software uses this directory to save files such as installed files, app data, app settings be careful when deleting folder/files from this directory.

👉 %temp%

This command is used to open up Windows Temp (Temporary files) directory.
When you face storage issue on your PC or your PC is slow in operation it’s advisable to clear files in your Temp directory. More so, some uninstalled software left data in this folder and also this folder also contains Junk files, so it’s advisable to clear it anytime.

👉 taskmgr

This command is used to open up Task Manager program.
Task manager is a Windows program that is used to kill software, stubborn irresponsible programs, Check PC performance, Startup programs etc.

👉 devmgmt.msc

This command is used to open up Device Manager program.
Device Manager is a program that is used to check installed drivers, errors in your drivers, update drivers.


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