Facebook wants to connect users with Banks easily

By | 7th August 2018

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This is a news about Facebook bringing new feature to connect it users with Banks for easier transactions as it was reported.

This year 2018 has not been nice with us, we crypto lovers, we are in crypto bearish session starting from January till-date, when one dip ends another one begins.

Facebook, Google, Twitter banned cryto’s ads, banks halting people from using their cards to shop/purchase crypto’s.. have caused a lot of chaos in the crypto world.

We are not the only one, such misery is happening to Facebook. This year has been a very miserable to the giant tech company Facebook. Several mischievous have happened this year to FB. Firstly, about the Data Leak which brought the trend about #deletefacebook and great influencers like Elon Musk supported it, he deleted SpaceX Facebook page. Secondly, Stock Drops, Facebook stock drops roughly 20%, loses $120 billion in value which inturned Mark to 6th place from the/fourth place in top richest forbes list.

In a recent interview, a report was made by Facebook representative Elisabeth Diana that they are working with Banks for users to get connected with them easily and propably perform transactions with chatbot service on Messenger.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Facebook’s representative Elisabeth Diana said that they are working with banks but do not want users’ data or want to develop a marketplace where users could perform banking services with their platform. Instead, they want to integrate chatbot services on the Messenger to help users connect with banks easily. fossbytes

Though, such service has been in Singapore between Citibank and it users for them to connect with bank’s representative easily.

Is Facebook users save with thier Bank details if implemented??

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