By | 1st August 2018

Should I call this headache or depression
Whatever it is I just need Redemption, It feels like my head’s about to burst into pieces
Feeling very weak like an old man in his sixties!

I feel very pissed right now
I can’t even get to read what I write dow
My back aches like I got a smack down
Feels like Wicklow in my forehead, no choice than to bow down

credits: pixabay

Spanking my head by myself with my palm
Like a stubborn she goat forced to stay calm
Should I call this sadness or anger
Loud strikes in my head like its a banger

Help me out if you can
I’m in the middle of something I don’t even know
Heavy legs like fifty litre Gerry can
I need Redemption, I think money is the solution lol ?

Thanks for Reading

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