How to retweet Twitter post and get the direct link

By | 29th August 2018

You may wonder why I made this post! Does it worth it? Yes πŸ‘!

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Most Cryptians who participate in Airdrop are asked to do some activities which oftenly include Retweet a Twitter post and add the retweeted post link to a form. Most people don’t understand that it is tricky to get direct link to a Retweet. If you Retweet a post and try to copy the Retweeted post direct link you will end up copying the original Tweet link πŸ”—.

I never thought of that!!

How do I get Twitter retweet link πŸ”—

To get direct link to a Retweet that includes your username; click on Retweet button on the post you want to retweet, select Retweet with comment then add comment and post πŸ“¬. Goto your Retweeted post, click on it to open in new window and copy the URL viola 🎻!! you just copied your Twitter Retweeted post direct link instead of copying original Tweet link πŸ”—.

Hope you enjoyed this Tip

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