Think it to see it

By | 17th October 2018

A greater percentage of what happens in our lives are borne out of our thoughts. Even our speech is a product of what we have in our mind. But the question is; have you aligned your thoughts to your dreams?

Almost all the mind-blowing innovations we can see around in this our contemporary era started off as little thoughts, and those thoughts found their way out of the corners of the heart, and found practical expressions through the right actions, and they are now innovations.

Your mind births your thoughts, your thoughts chart the course for your actions, your actions consolidate and mold your attitude, then it is your attitude that would form your character, which would dictate what would become of your future.

The truth is; your whole body would naturally align towards your thoughts. You’re absolutely responsible for your thoughts, but your thoughts are absolutely responsible for what becomes of you.

Remember the story of Thomas Edison and how he failed many times, but in all these, he never thought of himself as a failure. You are never a failure if you have not allowed your mind to tell you that. And because he refuse to think of himself as a failure, he still had the passion to keep trying out his inventions, and at the end, he braced the mark.

So my advice here is; think aright, have the right thought, and don’t give room for negativity.

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