eSteem Surfer – Powering up Steem & Transferring Steem to Savings give error and blank page

By | 14th February 2019

Project Information

  • Repository:
  • Project Name: eSteem Surfer
  • Publisher (if applicable):

Expected behavior

The options Power up and Transfer to savings for Steem should Power up user’s Steem and also Transfer user’s Steem to savings.

Actual behavior

When these actions are clicked, they show a pop up errors which can be seen in the gif below and after a blank page sometimes they crash the app.

How to reproduce

  • Open app
  • Login
  • Go-to Wallet tab
  • Click Steem?> Power up Steem

  • Open app
  • Login
  • Go-to wallet tab
  • Click Steem?> Transfer to savings

  • App version: v2.0.5
  • Operating system: Windows 10

Recording Of The Bug

First Image: Power up (Steem)

Second Image: Transfer to savings (Steem)

Proof of Work Done

Issue Link

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