Monthly Archives: April 2019

Good friends – Sage Words 47

By | 30th April 2019

People come into our lives because of reason, season and a lifetime. Take note of those who come into your life because of who you are and will always stay by your side in any situation, those are good and real friends.

Ideas – Sage Words 45

By | 26th April 2019

Good day, here is today’s quote. I love to share what I learn from books I read. Idea is the starting point of everything, if you don’t have an idea about something, you can’t implement it. Have a good idea and learn to convert it to its physical form. ✌

Be Perfect – Sage Words 44

By | 24th April 2019

It’s good to believe that you’re far from perfect. Infact, no-one is perfect, be real and admired because perfection is not real. There is no way to take or method to satisfy everyone, be yourself and admire those who love you because of who you are. ✌

Master and captain of your soul – Sage Words 43

By | 21st April 2019

Be sure to be the “master of your fate and the captain of your soul”; be optimistic and believe positively in yourself because you get in life what you asked for. Your fate and your soul have to be in a positive direction every moment and eventually, it will become your auto-suggestion.

Victory – Sage Words 42

By | 19th April 2019

Truly said. The theorem is to never give up on what you’re cooking up or what you do because the breakthrough is near. Keep up the perseverance and consistency, if you continue knocking at a door, it will surely be heard by someone indoor. Take Olympic race as an example, the first person to cross… Read More »

Thought – Sage Words 39

By | 15th April 2019

A wise man says life is philosophical; you get what you bargain with life. If you think positively you get a positive result and if you think in the other way round you also get the opposite of positive as the result “negative”. If you’re reading this today, I implore you to always think in… Read More »

Freedom – Sage Words 38

By | 13th April 2019

They say life is limitless and it’s true saying. Napoleon Hill said “What your mind can conceive you can achieve”, in a world where fish is not forced to climb a tree, we should do what we love not what others love us doing. Believe in yourself if people don’t believe in you, remember those… Read More »