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Stay with those who are positive

By | 30th May 2019

Being positive keeps us motivated, a research shows our self-talk is 85% of negativity which is totally bad. Hang with people who motivate you, keep you positive, read the books that keep you positive and you will find your life meaningful. Remember “A negative mind will never give a positive life” ✌

Loss – Sage Words 65

By | 28th May 2019

People often come and go in our lives. When people go out of your life, don’t feel blamed, it show who they really are. Remember, there are other billions of people out there. ✌

You are unique – Sage Words 64

By | 27th May 2019 You’re born to be great and you’re unique. Albert Einstein once said “everybody is a genius” i.e we are all born for a purpose. Awake the sleeping genius in you and grow up your uniqueness.

Do the positive – Sage Words 59

By | 21st May 2019

Studies show that we act or possess upon who we hang with and the books we read. If we hang with people who are pessimistic, we will also be pessimistic, and if we hang with people who are optimistic, we will also be pessimistic. Remember, our emotion and body affect our mental health. ✌