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Process – Sage Words 89

By | 30th July 2019

Sometimes, nothing seems to be right, we feel depressed and unmotivated. Yeah, that’s normal human feeling emotion, you only have to stay strong and always think about the goal you had before you get started. It was sad by a smart person that, If God showed you the process it will take for what you… Read More »

Tips of the Day – 12

By | 29th July 2019

This may be a platitude, but it’s has been proven by most of the great people of the past and now. Robert Kiyosaki said, “if you want something, give that thin out and it will come back to you in multiples”. Napoleon Hill also said, “there is no rule for getting without giving”. The moral… Read More »

Tips of the Day – 11

By | 28th July 2019

It’s true that no one is born completely fearless, however, in order to be successful you have to neglect what others say about what you do. If you have a definite plan and strong desire for it just continue and never think of the words “What will people say” because no matter what you do,… Read More »

Persistence – Sage Words 88

By | 27th July 2019

As we all know success doesn’t come easily, it does not happen in a day, it’s a tough and sometimes a lonely road. What it takes to be successful are courage, strong desire and persistence. If you are involved in a project but haven’t got the proper result, keep your frequent persistence at a greater… Read More »

Tips of the Day – 10

By | 25th July 2019

Do you have an idea of what you can do to make you successful? If you don’t, start exercising your idea tissue and jot every bit of idea that comes around. Start working on them and if someone stops you not to do it and causing a hindrance, never mind them and start your way… Read More »

Be obstinate – Sage Words 87

By | 22nd July 2019

We live in echo chambers, some people who do not believe in what you do will mock and troll you, and deprive you from doing it. You should not take in those people’s opinions, instead, change your environment or chambers. Be with those who motivate and keep you moving. Be obstinate with your decision and… Read More »