Human Minds – 2

By | 4th October 2019


If you have been following my blogs you will notice I made a post about Mind last week.

Here is the sequel of it. In the last post, it was mentioned that the mind has two parts, the subconscious or preconscious mind and conscious mind.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body but we have power over it, it works the way we train it. The psychologist said the conscious mind is not available to a child until six.

From age 0-6 are the programmable state of a child and the stage of enculturation. What we do to a child or tell a child at this stage will continue to play in the child’s subconscious mind and act upon it unnoticeable.

We should be careful how we treat a child and what we tell a child at this stage. That’s is why the wise adage said give me your child until 6 or 7 and I will tell you he/she is.

Hope it’s helpful ?

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