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Human Minds

It’s Monday again! I watched a video last week about minds by a philosophy Dr. Bruce. It was amazing to know how minds work. Our minds have two parts, subconscious and conscious minds. Minds are like processer of PC/MObile. In the video and with the extra research I made, it was made known that the… Read More »

Tips of the day – 21

The moral of this tip is that we should learn how to handle things from the root/bottom, not the top. If you want to learn new stuff, learn it from scratch or have a good fundamental, this will make it easier and last longer. If a farmer encounters issues with a tree, he won’t handle… Read More »

Health – sage words 104

People say health is wealth and a sage man said health is not limited to what we eat, it is what we think as well. Though is powerful, I wrote about how negative influencers are dangerous to us. If we want to catch a cold what do we do, we hang around someone with cold… Read More »

Why? – sage words 103

This is a question people should ask themselves in everything they do. Do you have reasons behind things you do? If you ask yourself this question and you find out you don’t have a proper answer for it, it’s advisable to put end to it and start something new with a strong desire. Remember, every… Read More »

Gray zone – sage words 102

Gray zone is we deal or experience daily. Are you designing with your PC at the same time chatting on Discord server, if you have ever done this, then that’s Gray Zone? Doing two things at a time is referred to Gray Zone according to psychologists. Gray zone limit our work rate. Work should be… Read More »

Tips of the day – 20

According to psychologists, friction is what people tell us we need while we do not need them and we end up regretting after getting such stuff. The cause of friction is indecision, allowing others to decide and dictate for us. Don’t forget indecision is a form of ignorance which is totally needed to be eradicated.… Read More »

Tips of the day – 19

Indecision kills one’s passion! For a man to be successful, he has to think fast then later change the plans slowly rather than changing plans quickly. Napoleon Hill says Henry Ford followed this theorem and made him a successful man today. Henry was not a spiritual kid growing up and didn’t have good education background… Read More »

Self analysis – sage words 101

The best way to know yourself is by analyzing yourself. Self-analysis allows one to understand the state of one’s mind which will now be easier to change unwanted habits. To perform self-analysis, call upon someone who really knows you and your behavior, like people you spend most of your time with and that will be… Read More »

Tips of the day – 18

It’s a very poor habit not to learn how to decide alone or follows one’s minds. Indecision is one of the condiments to failure. Most times, our minds lead us to the right path but we let rotten minded people to make influence on our decisions. A wise man said, “opinions are the cheapest commodities… Read More »

Tips of the day – 17

How can we avoid criticism? 🤔🤔🤔 The truth is that you can never avoid criticism! 🤪 No matter what you do, the badass will criticize you and the only way to avoid criticism was suggested by Aristotle “Say Nothing, Do Nothing, and Be Nothing” I’m sure none of us want those three words. So, continue… Read More »