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Be obstinate – Sage Words 87

We live in echo chambers, some people who do not believe in what you do will mock and troll you, and deprive you from doing it. You should not take in those people’s opinions, instead, change your environment or chambers. Be with those who motivate and keep you moving. Be obstinate with your decision and… Read More »

Stay with those who are positive

Being positive keeps us motivated, a research shows our self-talk is 85% of negativity which is totally bad. Hang with people who motivate you, keep you positive, read the books that keep you positive and you will find your life meaningful. Remember “A negative mind will never give a positive life” ✌

Freedom – Sage Words 38

They say life is limitless and it’s true saying. Napoleon Hill said “What your mind can conceive you can achieve”, in a world where fish is not forced to climb a tree, we should do what we love not what others love us doing. Believe in yourself if people don’t believe in you, remember those… Read More »