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Freedom – Sage Words 38

By | 13th April 2019

They say life is limitless and it’s true saying. Napoleon Hill said “What your mind can conceive you can achieve”, in a world where fish is not forced to climb a tree, we should do what we love not what others love us doing. Believe in yourself if people don’t believe in you, remember those… Read More »


By | 1st August 2018

Should I call this headache or depression Whatever it is I just need Redemption, It feels like my head’s about to burst into pieces Feeling very weak like an old man in his sixties! I feel very pissed right now I can’t even get to read what I write dow My back aches like I… Read More »

What is sincerity?

By | 30th July 2018

This is the act of being just, having and demonstrating with a clear mind, doing things exactly as they are. Sincerity means truth and honesty It takes you a long way… Honesty but don’t be a people’s person. Are you sincere to yourself. Relationship and marriage is a very good example. If you’ve not been… Read More »

What is Life – Poetry with Rhymes

By | 24th July 2018

Life is like a biscuit It’s so soft and fragile Although it’s scattered like pieces But still hard and Life is a battle A battle where you don’t retreat No surrender and no help No mercy until you defeat If you can’t kill you get killed You get scattered and get spilled With no pity… Read More »