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Be obstinate – Sage Words 87

We live in echo chambers, some people who do not believe in what you do will mock and troll you, and deprive you from doing it. You should not take in those people’s opinions, instead, change your environment or chambers. Be with those who motivate and keep you moving. Be obstinate with your decision and… Read More »

Pride – Sage Words 85

The moral of the story is to be humble and loyal to others with what you have but don’t turn your humbleness or loyalty into slavery. ✌

Depression – Sage Words 83

The moral of the short words is; sometimes, you feel depressed because some people want you to be despite how you help them and entrust them. Believe it, this is normal to happen around different people with different thought in the globe, don’t sacrifice your happiness and never get depressed, keep on!

Tips of the Day – 7

Don’t inconvenient yourself to make someone convenient, no matter what you’re looking for, there is someone that have it in excess, do remember you’re unique.

Tips of the day 6

Similar to the words, there is no rule for “something for nothing”. Robert said, if you want something, give it out and it will come back in multiples. It’s hard to do and believe but that’s a big secrete one should assert. Robert has tested it and it worked. Believe it and Give it a… Read More »

Tips of the day 5

Deal with challenges at root level not symptomatic level. “Always go to the root, it will take a longer but it will last longer. If you go to the symptom, you get it quick and it never lasts.” ✌