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Loss – Sage Words 65

By | 28th May 2019

People often come and go in our lives. When people go out of your life, don’t feel blamed, it show who they really are. Remember, there are other billions of people out there. ✌

Do the positive – Sage Words 59

By | 21st May 2019

Studies show that we act or possess upon who we hang with and the books we read. If we hang with people who are pessimistic, we will also be pessimistic, and if we hang with people who are optimistic, we will also be pessimistic. Remember, our emotion and body affect our mental health. ✌

Not exhausted – Sage Words 56

By | 12th May 2019

If your plan failed, recognize it as a temporary defeat and start a new plan that is sound. Don’t give up before you achieve your goal, always remember “A quiter never wins and a winner never quits”.

Prove your worth – Sage Words 52

By | 7th May 2019

Prove your worth before you except others to invest in what you do. It may be hard, though, demotivated during the journey but you have to believe in the success hidden within it and remember human beings are obsessed in their destinations than the routes.

Self-awareness – Sage Words 49

By | 3rd May 2019

Self-awareness is to really understand people you love to be with, people who keep you motivated and people who drained you. Study and understand why people come into your life, it will make you understand who really they are. Remember, if things are not working out the way you want, change your circle. ✌

Revenge – Sage Words 48

By | 2nd May 2019

I was watching a TV program and the guy asked what is the best revenge? My answer to that is that of wise people saying, that the best way to revenge is success. Indeed, that’s the best way to respond to people whom you’re thinking you have to offer them tit-for-tat, when you succeed you… Read More »