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Our life – Sage Words 73

By | 8th June 2019

I found this when I was researching about genetics and when I thought of it deeply, I found out it’s really true. The moral of this is, be with those who make you worthy, show you are valuable. This will give you good vibe, moral and strong health. Negate those who are being pessimistic out… Read More »

Desire to live – Sage Words 72

By | 7th June 2019

Work hard transmute your desire into it’s physical counterpart. If it stays in you, no one else notices it and what about if you bring it love and thousands of people are benefiting from it. Have a good plan, good reason and get started. ✌

Refine your intention – Sage Words 70

By | 5th June 2019

Take it as a daily practice, refine why you you do what you do. As we develop with our passion/dreams there are certain unwanted leaves that grow with it/them and if we can cut those leaves off everyday we will be very fine and still maintain our main intention. ✌

Associate – Sage Words 69

By | 3rd June 2019

As the words up there implies, know who you associate with, if you associate with people who have vision, dreams and desire, you become part of them and if you hang around those who drain others, you also become part of them. ✌

Be proud – Sage Words 68

By | 2nd June 2019

Sometimes, to get a positive vibe, feel motivated and eradicate the unmotivated mood, you need to praise yourself of what you’ve achieved if no one does that to you. Remember, the size of audience does not matter as far as you know that you’re improving. ✌

Loss – Sage Words 65

By | 28th May 2019

People often come and go in our lives. When people go out of your life, don’t feel blamed, it show who they really are. Remember, there are other billions of people out there. ✌