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Be Perfect – Sage Words 44

It’s good to believe that you’re far from perfect. Infact, no-one is perfect, be real and admired because perfection is not real. There is no way to take or method to satisfy everyone, be yourself and admire those who love you because of who you are. ✌

To the top – poetry

Make me fly Fly so high Fly to the sky It may be at your own prime… Now I feel like a star A star in the skies I am heading really far So you can’t see me with your eyes My heart rate is pumping Pumping really hard Oh… Nobody can stop Try to… Read More »

What is Life – Poetry with Rhymes

Life is like a biscuit It’s so soft and fragile Although it’s scattered like pieces But still hard and Life is a battle A battle where you don’t retreat No surrender and no help No mercy until you defeat If you can’t kill you get killed You get scattered and get spilled With no pity… Read More »