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How to retweet Twitter post and get the direct link

You may wonder why I made this post! Does it worth it? Yes ?! [Image Source: pixabay. Public domain licensed] Most Cryptians who participate in Airdrop are asked to do some activities which oftenly include Retweet a Twitter post and add the retweeted post link to a form. Most people don’t understand that it is tricky… Read More »

Facebook wants to connect users with Banks easily

Good day Fellas! Nothing much Today! This is a news about Facebook bringing new feature to connect it users with Banks for easier transactions as it was reported. This year 2018 has not been nice with us, we crypto lovers, we are in crypto bearish session starting from January till-date, when one dip ends another… Read More »

How to check you Followers Stats on Steem

Good day Fellas! Do you want to check for your active followers, loyal followers, influential followers ?. It’s important to know the kind of and loyal followers following us. In building our followers we are building our future on Steem Here we go!!!=> The site that does all is steemspectacles Go to and input… Read More »

Windows Run Commands You Would Love To Know

Hello! Good day Fellas. Welcome again to today blog post, we will continue to explore around Windows operating system and we are going to further on Run commands. Last time we looked into the first section of this topic where I defined the run program and some commands that can be used with it. If you would… Read More »

Windows Run Commands

Hello! Good day Fellas. Welcome to today’s blog post, we will continue to explore around Windows operating system, we are going to look in some Run commands. Run is a Windows system software that takes in commands; used to open an application or document directory whose path is known. Commands 1. shell:sendto 2. shell:startup 3. . 4. .. ? How to… Read More »

Windows Commands – Part 2

Good day, Steemian!. Last time we talked about Windows command where I explained what is Windows command and I listed some commands which you may be familiar with, click here for the post. In today’s post, I’m going to go further on Windows commands; Check Related Topics Here; How To Download Anything You Want From… Read More »